Fantasy Medieval Inn

A concept of an inn set in a Medieval fantasy world. The inn is located outside the city, on flat grasslands. Basic 3D model of the inn with two options for light direction.

Northern Lights

Conceptual illustration depicting Northern lands in a fictional world I’ve been creating for a personal project. Full process video – from an idea to the finished product.

Blue Spell

An enchantress in a crystal crown casting a blue spell. Portrait study with the addition of personal touches. Painting process video.

Witch’s Inventory

A collection of illustrations depicting selected items from a witch’s inventory.

Elf Rogue

Illustration of Zevran from Dragon Age.

The Adventure Begins

Illustration painted for Atomhawk’s 2020 art competition. “The incredible Sky Castle has made a much-unexpected appearance in the middle of nowhere. To Tessa’s and Shanina’s luck, this is exactly where they were planning their initial exploration. As newly graduated archeologists, they are very excited about this one in a million opportunity. They are determined to […]