Portrait sketches

A collection of portrait study sketches of characters with masculine features. Tools used: grey-toned paper, pencils, white charcoal

The Adventure Begins

Illustration painted for Atomhawk’s 2020 art competition. “The incredible Sky Castle has made a much-unexpected appearance in the middle of nowhere. To Tessa’s and Shanina’s luck, this is exactly where they were planning their initial exploration. As newly graduated archeologists, they are very excited about this one in a million opportunity. They are determined to […]

Dragon Age Annual calendar

Illustrations in a stained glass style painted for Dragon Age Annual 2024: Compendium Pactorum, a fan-run fundraising calendar project in support of War Child charity. The illustrations were used for a desk version of the calendar. Visit dragonageannual.art to learn more. Sketches Final artwork printed in the calendar Dragon Age Annual 2024: Compendium Pactorum calendars.