The Adventure Begins

Illustration painted for Atomhawk’s 2020 art competition.

“The incredible Sky Castle has made a much-unexpected appearance in the middle of nowhere. To Tessa’s and Shanina’s luck, this is exactly where they were planning their initial exploration. As newly graduated archeologists, they are very excited about this one in a million opportunity. They are determined to explore the ruins on the flying island which, most of the time, flies disguised in clouds. Thanks to the revolution in the world of aviation, Tessa and Shanina can use Bolide-14 with a trained sky rider to easily travel around. They are enthusiastic and confident about their new destination, but the unknown lies ahead of them and they have to be ready for what they might find up there.”

Color exploration thumbnail – sunny morning or midday
Bright day allows to show more detail of the characters and their emotions. The sun being high up indicates the beginning of the day and hence the start of the adventure.

Color exploration thumbnail – sunset
Creates more drama but accentuates the feeling of conclusion/ending.

Basic vehicle sclupture in 3D for perspective reference.

Sketches for initial ideas for character placement.

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